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Sanding as a method for precise processing of specialised materials

The solution.

Sometimes the use of sanding technology is the answer when it comes to machining of specialised materials that are difficult to process, which, for example, have the tendency to splinter, are unstable or elastic and flexible and therefore are inappropriate for milling. In many cases where standard machinery meets its limits Kündig sanders are there to provide a solution.



Technic botop.

Industrial sanding applications are mostly output oriented. The needs for fast feed rates and high surface finish quality must somehow both be met. This can be achieved using Kündig top and bottom sanding machines.


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Technic brush.

Besides calibrating and lacquer sanding, structuring of surfaces also has great importance to some of our customers. Precision requirements for structuring applications are becoming more and more important as parquet is now commonly installed with surfaces already finished, therefor height differences must be at a minimum. Hence brushing machines need to be as precise as wide belt sanders. Kündig brush units are adjustable and allow for compensation of brush wear that is so common in serial production. In addition to dedicated brushing machines, Kündig offers a variety of brush units that can be added to or implemented into their sanders.


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Technic CNC.

Contouring sanding technology with numerically controlled sanding units allows for high repeatability. This ground-breaking technology is mostly used in the ski and snowboard industry. World championship and Olympic victories, in disciplines like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping and snowboarding, are being won with sports equipment processed with Kündig Technic CNC machinery.


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Technic Vmax.

Two symmetrically arranged oblique sanding units forming the shape of a "V" allow for eliminating sanding traces even on delicate surfaces, such as lacquer or on window sashes with long and cross-grain sections. The combined oblique units generate, what could be described as, some sort of oblique cross-sanding. This allows for assembled window frames to be sanded using the whole working width, reducing vibrations on the frame and ensuring impeccable surface quality.


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Technic precision.

Sanding machines that are made to calibrate with tolerances of just hundredths of millimetres. Kündig Technic Precision sanders meet even the strictest demands regarding overall precision and plane-parallelism, even on materials that are difficult to process.


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Technic heavy.

Sanding machines for heavy duty requirements regarding workpiece weight and dimensions, abrasive properties of materials, fast conveyor speeds


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Customer bespoke machines

We build machines for all the sanding applications and materials one could possibly think of. Be it sanding with tolerances of just hundredths of millimetres, structuring with great reproducibility, sanding of abrasive materials, or contouring with the help of CNC sanding technology. We have experience with many different industry sectors and types of materials.


Industry sectors…

  • Aircraft industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Ski production
  • Plastics and composite production
  • Isolation material production
  • Wood industry

... and all kinds of materials

  • Carbon, Kevlar and Glass Fiber
  • Honeycomb structures
  • Foam panels and composites
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Cork
  • Wood based materials
  • High pressure laminates
  • Composites

Some of these solutions are now even regarded industry standard - for example our oblique sanding technology, contouring with CNC technology. Do you have a very specific problem that involves sanding or brushing surfaces? We might be able to find a solution for you. Just contact us!





Rubber belt sander

Specialised rubber belt sander